Testimonial 4

This place has the most amazing food and it is a small family owned business. I make hummus, as well as my mom, and the food is amazing!! Anyone who gives this less than 5 stars needs to travel!! Like

Testimonial 3

Went in on an impromtu lunch with some friends. The ambience is nice; tasteful, elegant decor and nice High backed booths. The food was excellent, and prepared well. We had ordered the Pot chicken which came served in a clay pot, and the Shawarma chicken, which has a fabulous garlic sauce I’d put on every… Continue reading Testimonial 3

Testimonial 2

Amazing home made hummus. Most flavorful and best shawarma ever! Don’t know what that is… watch the end of the first Avengers. Can’t wait to try the Gyro tonight! Worthy of 6 stars, come visit

Testimonial 1

Ordered the Chicken Shawarma platter tonight and it was great. I had been craving Shawarma for the past few weeks and was happy to have visited them.